‘Nigella of breast milk cookery’

A Bristol (in the UK) mother has revealed how she uses her own breast milk in recipes for cakes, smoothies and even lasagne. Abi Blake, 30, from Clifton, uses a breast pump to express and collect excess milk after eight-month-old daughter Tily is full, reports The Sun.

She says: “I am the Nigella Lawson of breast milk cookery. Although the idea of eating something made out of someone else’s breast milk may make some people’s stomachs turn, it is full of vitamins that can never be found in cow’s milk.

“And why would you prefer to drink milk from a dirty cow over a clean, healthy woman? I have managed to convert all my family who now adore my breast milk recipes and they all agree it tastes better.”

The idea of cooking with breast milk first came to Mrs Blake when she spent some time in India, where women regularly use it in their cooking. After experimenting with various dishes, she invited her close friends for afternoon tea.

She recalls: “After producing plates of butterfly cakes with cream, chocolate tart and coffee swirl cake – and receiving compliments on how delicious they all were – I dropped the bombshell that they had been made with my own milk.

“At first they were shocked, but then they remarked on how much better the food tasted than when made with cow’s milk. Breast milk is sweeter and slightly oily – it actually tastes of goodness, whereas cows milk just tastes of chemicals.”

Mrs Blake, married to Jonathan, 37, is so proud of her cooking that she has even sold her breast milk cupcakes at food festivals.

She says: “Many customers were intrigued and thought it was a novelty. But what most people don’t know is that breast milk contains nutrients that can help the immune system and even treat cancer.”

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