Truth about film maker unclear

filmHARARE After publishing a story in our Tuesday edition of The Zimbabwean on April 13 entitled, Film maker escapes CIO kidnap attempt, there have been claims that the men were, in fact, only police officers conducting a routine investigation.

Viomak, a female Zimbabwean protest singer, has claimed that the two men who approached Zenzele Ndebele where police officers wearing suits and working as good Samaritans to follow up on a case that she had opened against Ndebele for terrorizing her on social networking site, Facebook.

The claims by the outspoken singer have caused an outcry in cyber space; with several people lambasting her for saying that the policemen were sent on her behalf to question Ndebele.

Journalist for The Zimbabwean, Mxolisi Ncube, was involved in the online disputes when he made an attempt to glean details of the event following Viomaks post. Ncube criticised Viomak for claiming that the police phoned Ndebele before making an arrest. Mxolisis attempts to question Viomak further were met with insults.

It is still unclear whether Ndebeles run in with suited men who brought up his Gukhuahundi film was dubious or not. Some have used the opportunity to attack Viomak about the lyrics of one of her songs which has been accused of being pro-Gukhuahundi.

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