Up in arms

Our front page lead story in this issue makes disturbing reading. It is the first clear indication of what Zanu (PF) is planning before and during the next elections whenever they might be.

We have established beyond doubt that Zanu (PF) officials and thugs in the Mutoko area are being armed and trained to use the weapons. This may well be happening in other areas of the country but we have no proof as yet.

The acquiring of guns is for one purpose only to kill. In the last election Zanu (PF) and its terror machine was responsible for the deaths of over 200 MDC supporters, as well as countless acts of terror including rape, burning of houses, theft of property and vicious beatings.

None of the perpetrators of these crimes against the people of Zimbabwe have ever been prosecuted despite the fact that many of them are known to the victims and the authorities, and ample proof exists of their acts.

In the case of Joseph Mwale, a high court judge has ordered that a serving member of the CIO be arrested. The police have come up with the flimsy excuse that they cannot find him despite the fact that he is employed by the government and operates out of Mutare central police station. All the police need to do is instruct his employer, the CIO, to hand him over so that he can face justice.

The reluctance of the police in dealing with Zanu (PF) perpetrators of violence has given these thugs the confidence to become even bolder, secure in the knowledge that they are immune from prosecution.

In a country where the government claims that there is law and order, why is it necessary to arm politicians and their thugs? If the argument is that it is necessary for their self-protection is this an admission that the police have failed to do their job of policing the country? That people are not safe and need to defend themselves?

Then how come those who are being armed are the ones responsible for perpetrating violence in the past and not those who have suffered at the receiving end?

If we have a government that is incapable of safeguarding its citizens, and in fact has been formally accused of perpetrating violence against those citizens, then it ceases to be a legitimate government.

Even that juvenile delinquent Julius Malema understands this.

Word for Today:

The Sovereign LORD has given me an instructed tongue, to know the word that sustains the weary. He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen like one being taught. – Isaiah 50:4

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