Why boys are more better than girls

Last week we published a list of why girls think that they are more better than boys. In his great book, Dr. Dobson also includes a list written by boys indicating that they are more better than girls. The list is as follows:

Boys can sit in front of a scary movie and not close their eyes once.

Boys dont have to sit down every time they go.

Boys dont get embarrassed easily.

Boys can go to the bathroom in the woods.

Boys can climb trees better.

Boys can hang onto their stomachs on fast rides.

Boys dont worry about diet this and diet that.

Boys are better tractor drivers than girls.

Boys rite better than girls.

Boys can build better forts than girls.

Boys can take pain better than girls.

Boys are way more cooler.

Boys have less fits.

Boys dont waste their life at the mall.

Boys arent afraid of reptiels.

Boys shave more than girls.

Boys dont do all those wiggaly movmets when they walk.

Boys dont scratch.

Boys dont brade anothers hair.

Boys arent smart alickes.

Boys dont cry and feel sorry when they kill a fly.

Boys dont use as much deoderent.

Boys were created first.

Boys learn to make funny noises with their armpits faster.

Boys can tie better knots specially girls pony tails.

Boys get to blow up more stuff.

Without boys there would be no babies. (Now there is a new thought).

Boys eat with a lot of heart.

Boys dont WINE.

Boys hum best.

Boys are proud of their odor.

The list was compiled from what the boys thought of themselves vis–vis girls. One thing is, however indisputable between girls and boys; boys make more spelling errors than girls if we compare the two lists. Whether this means that girls are more better than boys is debatable. I personally think that both boys and girls are more better and so I love them equally.

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