Councillor demands taxes

MUTOKO - Zanu (PF) councilor for ward 28, Jane Masendeke, is demanding that suspected members of the MDC passing through her ward with cattle to the market pay US$10.00 per beast.

According to villagers, Masendeke has erected a road block that is manned by Zanu (PF) youth militia. Masendeke claims that the money will go to the council, but there are no receipts issued. Farmers in Nyamazizi resettlement area said Masendeke stops vehicles passing through her home and demands that they pay the levy. “We are made to pay the money, but we are not given any receipts.

She says that the money will go to the council, but we doubt it. She has been doing this for a long time now and we are made to pay US$10.00 per beast ,” said Andrew Mabango. “We are being robed in broad day light by our councillor. She does whatever she wants because she believes that she is immune to prosecution,” said one villager. Many of the villagers who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Masendeke had deployed youths to different points of the ward in order to intercept farmers who may try to elude her team.

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