Diamond bounty on Roy Bennett’s head

bennet_mdcThe MDCs external structures are shocked by the level of judiciary abuse by Zanu PF which was exposed by the acquittal of Senator Roy Bennett (pictured), yesterday.

We are still to come to terms with court revelations that Zanu PF cooked e-mail exchanges between Bennett and State key witness, Peter Hitschmann in an effort to settle selfish scores with the popular MDC Treasurer-General.

One can only wonder at the extent of judiciary manipulations that can even suck-in the Attorney General Johannes Tomana into the vortex of the scandal.

The people of Zimbabwe are genuinely and correctly expecting Tomanas resignation.

We view this as core evidence and proof that should convince the doubting Thomases that Zanu PF will rather use the residual state resources fighting Bennett and MDC than feeding the poverty stricken masses of Zimbabwe.

We have always maintained that Bennett was innocent, but was only subjected to persecution by Zanu PF functionaries who are still confusing white Zimbabweans with eighteenth century invaders.

We expect Robert Mugabe to immediately install Senator Bennett, as deputy minister of Agriculture, before his ‘spooks’could manufacture other charges against him.

We would not be surprised if Bennett becomes a victim of mysterious car accidents, as has been visited upon all other people who stood for democracy against the mighty Zanu PF. We are urging the international community and media to keep Zanu PF’s murderous tantacles at bay by continously watching developments surrounding our Treasurer-General.

MDC SA Publicity & Information Secretary

Sibanengi Dube

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