Fresh calls to probe 2008 political violence murders

jessie_majomeHARARE - Deputy Justice Minister Jessie Majome has challenged the ministry of Home Affairs to investigate the killings of the 2008 political violence. (Pictured: Jessie Majome demands killings probe)

It is believed more than 200 Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) supporters were killed by Zanu (PF) militia during the bloody political violence of 2008.

The law is very clear in this respect. Even if we find a dead body lying somewhere, the laws of the country themselves require that the death of such a person be investigated even if there is no complainant. There is something called an inquest which requires that when there is death, that might even have happened due to murder, they must be investigated and get evidence on why the murder occurred.

In the case of the 2008 elections murders there is need for the police to investigate and get those who committed them to be prosecuted,said Majome.

Last year, MDC Director for security Kisimusi Dhlamini, complied a dossier naming murderers of the 2008 political violence and forwarded it to the Attorney General. Up to now no action has been taken. The Attorney General instead of investigating the cases he ordered the arrest of Dhlamini.

Meanwhile a Mudzi man is seeking justice for himself and his wife for the sufferings they endured in the 2008 violence. The man was beaten three times while his wife was raped by suspected three Zanu (PF) activists.

He is seeking the jailing of the activists whom he identified as Takawira Burundu, Collen Munyoro, Denhai Marenga, Shorai Bhero, Farai Gama and Peter Pakati. Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights are assisting him to get justice.

“Its painful that the people who raped my wife are actually boasting that nothing will ever be done to them since they belong to Zanu (PF). I went to the police in May 2008 to press charges and open a docket but the police have not helped in any way, they even refused to open a docket,” he said.

Following the police indifference he went to the Headman Simon Kambanje who said that he his hands were tied.

“I am not going to find peace until the people who raped my wife are arrested. I came to Harare to find lawyers who can document my ordeal.

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