Govt should focus on business

MUTARE - The government should create a conducive business environment and explore a legal framework for business partnerships in order to develop the countrys infrastructure, a business expert has said.

In an interview with The Zimbabwean on the sidelines of a business partnership forum, Humphrey Wiggins, who is a business consultant based in South Africa, said it was critical for the Zimbabwe government to design workable ways in which the public and private sectors could work together to develop infrastructure in the country. Zimbabwe should have case studies from South Africa, China and India to learn from their experiences, he said on the sidelines of a business lecture at a local college in the city.

Wiggins said the government should appreciate that it had a lot to learn from South Africa and other countries in the region where the private sector participates in developing infrastructure such as roads, water reticulation and power generation systems.

Obviously Zimbabwe should leverage global best practices with South Africa and other countries where the principle of public private partnerships have been implemented, he added. He said Zimbabwe should be dedicated to discussing specific projects that the public and private sectors could work together on such as the Chiadzwa diamond and Methane gas fields in Manicaland.

Zimbabwean business people should have discussions with experts from countries where the association between the public and private sectors had been successful in order to have first hand information.

He added that the principals of the unity government should agree on the need to re-brand the country to remove the negative perception in which it is being viewed in the international community. It is high time the inclusive government copy South Africas International Marketing Council, which it established to sell the image of the country abroad. He emphasized that the government should be committed to strengthening the strong bilateral relations that existed between the two countries.

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