MDG pressure stepped up

ngo_africanHARARE - The Zimbabwean government has been urged to work well with the Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) operating in the country in order to meet the Millennium Developmental Goals (MDGs), an official said on Friday.

The chairman for Zimbabwe Forum for Non State Actors (ZFNSA), David Dzvairo, said only a few Zanu (PF) individuals within the inclusive government were bent on spoiling the good relations.

“It is true that we do not have good working relations with the Zanu (PF) elements in this country. Many of them have been threatening us with unspecified actions as they think that we are aligned to the MDC,” he said.

“NGOs should operate fully and freely. There should be some bilateral agreements between the inclusive government and NGOs and their programmes of action. It is only a few Zanu (PF) elements that spoil the game.”

Dzvairo was commenting on the progress that Zimbabwe has made in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) on the sidelines of media briefing on Non State Actors’ role in meeting MDGs.

He said the government should appreciate the sterling work that the majority of NGOs were doing in assisting vulnerable groups through provision of food aid, water and sanitation.

“As civil society organisations we are there to complement the work of

the government. We need each other,” he said. “Civil society have the right to demand accountability from government and to ensure that it fulfills its mandate of protecting

the rights of the people.

Zimbabwe is among the 189 countries that agreed to the Millennium Declaration at the UN Millennium Summit in 2000.

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