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For more than half a century there has been a river of powerful faith teachings sweeping over the earth. This has come because we will need much more faith to make it through the times ahead. Some will always carry what God is saying to extremes, and this has happened with the faith teachings as well.

Peter wrote in II Peter 3:16 that the unstable and untaught will even distort the Scriptures to their own destruction. Some have carried faith teachings to such extremes that they cannot listen to any prophecies they consider to be negative or foretell troubles because they are negative. This negates about 75 percent of biblical prophecies, including many of those given by Jesus Himself, who was more than a prophet.

These prophecies are not intended to cause us to fear, or focus on the troubles, but rather to be prepared for them, so that we overcome and prevail through them, being a witness of the Lord and His unshakable kingdom.

The delusion that prophecies which speak of troubles cannot be from God will cause those who are bound by this delusion to be victims in the future, which has already happened to many. I have heard some of the most popular faith teachers say they had faith that certain things were not going to happen that were being forecast, and they happened anyway.

Not once did I hear an evaluation of why this happened, but it reveals a possible disconnect with real, biblical faith. True faith is built on hearing the Word of God, whether it is about good and happy things, or problems. However, every negative thing that comes to pass will ultimately be eclipsed by the greatest good of allthe coming of the kingdom of God. The ultimate intent of God for all is good, but we must choose to follow and obey Him.

Over the years, I have had to give prophetic warnings that cut against the stream of what others were saying. Though I am often accused of saying things I did not say, I have a good track record in the predictions Ive actually given. I am not saying this to defend myself, but for your sake. If you develop a reputation for being prophetic, you become a target, and the more visibility you have, the more people will seek to find any mistake.

Though faultfinders may not be sent by God, and according to Jude have a terrible ending, God uses them to purify those He wants to speak through. However, we cannot expect many to acknowledge a true prophetic voice until that person is dead and no longer a threat. The Lords sheep know His voice, and if we are speaking His words, His people will hear. – Reproduced from Morning Star Ministries with permission.

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