Shocking Rural Council pay

MARONDERA - There are shocking revelations that the chief executive officer (CEO) of the Marondera Rural District Council, which has suspended service delivery and failed to pay workers salaries due to viability problems, earns over US$1 600 per month.

A document leaked to the media revealed the CEO, Tendai Gundo, earns a US$1 150 monthly basic salary. He also takes home five separate allowances of US$150 every month. Recently, the council rejected his proposal for the rural authority to pay for his childrens school fees.

Every two months, the CEO, draws an average US$1 200 in allowances ostensibly for examinations in South Africa, where his wife works, said a management source at the council.

The document also exposed that idle heads of departments earn an average US$800 per month. Council suspended service delivery last week citing viability problems. Despite huge salaries by management, council failed to pay general labourers wages in time.

The unbecoming behaviour of Gundo, has created bad blood between himself and the predominately Zanu (PF) councillors.

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