Terror in Mudzi…

terror_mudzi_storyZimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF) supporters are allegedly harassing and intimidating villagers in Mudzi district ahead of the constitutional outreach programme. The 65 day outreach process is expected to commence late this month.

Villagers who attended a public meeting on the constitution making process held by Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition on the 7th of May 2010 at Kotwa Business Centre in Mudzi informed the team that they are living in perpetual fear.

The villagers alleged that ZANU PF supporters are move around villages ordering people not to attend any meetings unless sanctioned by Mudzi party chairperson, Tafirenyika Nyune. ZANU PF supporters have also allegedly stated that community leaders and chosen representatives shall speak during the COPAC outreach process where they are expected to endorse the controversial Kariba draft constitution. The youth are said to be taking down names of those who attend meetings on civic education organised by Non-Governmental Organisations. We are being threatened with death and expulsion from the villages if we speak during the outreach meetings said one participant who did not disclose her identity for fear of persecution.

Mr Pedzisai Ruhanya, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition programs manager informed participants at the meeting that they have the right to express their views and be heard. Ms Tinashe Chatira from Centre for Community Development in Zimbabwe reiterated that freedom of expression should be respected and stated that during the outreach meetings should ensure that citizens rights are respected.

Earlier this year it emerged that ZANU PF launched Operation Hapana Anotaura (Operation no one will speak) meant to silence people during the outreach meetings and support ZANU PF position in the constitution making process. Militia bases that were set up in 2008 by ZANU PF have been reactivated in areas such as Epworth near Harare, Muzarabani in Mashonaland, Mutasa North in Manicaland Province, Mudzi and Mutoko in Mashonaland East as well as in Masvingo Province.

Below are the names of ZANU PF supporters who are moving around villages terrorising people in Mudzi

1. George Katsande

2. Sovorodia Jobo

3. Lovemore Chirafu

4. M.P Kachepa

5. Tatenda Kamungara

6. David Sabau

7. Martin Majokara

8. Mai Machipisa

9. Chiusekedzo

10. Rosemary Nyamimo

11. Rosemary Kanembo

12. Chidanawa Karonga

13. Dudzai Chirapu

The Coalition calls upon signatories to the Inter-party Political Agreement (IPA) to ensure a conducive environment which allows the people of Zimbabwe their freedom of expression during the constitution making process. The alleged acts of intimidation by ZANU PF supporters are contrary to the spirit of the agreement which encourages Zimbabweans to craft a constitution for themselves and by themselves without coercion.

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