We have not reached our destiny

mugabe_tsvangirai_unityWe are concerned about development, service delivery and technology
The Zimbabwean government is facing a self-inflicted impasse. The inherent differences between the MDC and Zanu (PF) are impediments to progress.

Getting the Mugabe regime to honour its fateful agreement to share power appears to be an almost insurmountable stumbling block to democracy in our country. Even in the face of such disappointment, the people of Zimbabwe are eager to see the economic and developmental successes that we once envisioned for beloved country.

Unfortunately, many of us are sceptical of the GNU incident, of which nothing has materialized. We continue to be disappointed by the repeated monologues delivered by Mugabe on indigenization. This generation is not bothered about indigenization, tribalism or racism: we are concerned about development, service delivery and technology. We are prepared to work to ending the agony that has hovered over us for the past 30 years, perpetrated by Zanu (PF).

We are nave to trust that change will be driven by Mugabe and his compatriots. Beating and shouting will also not result in change. Great upheaval will however be certain if Mugabe is not forced to step down and hand over power to Tsvangarai. The MDC will engage the champions of wealth in restructuring Zimbabwe.

Most Zimbabweans are greatly angered by the recent actions of the ANC Youth League leader, Julius Malema, who vehemently attacked MDC leaders and supporters by saying they were operating their offices from the wealthy suburbs of Sandton. Malema was definitely out of line to hug Mugabe and openly show his support to the tyranny of the Mugabe regime.

He is a boisterous young leader who contradicts everything he says. Malemas verbal attacks on a BBC correspondent who asked a simple question indicate a man under pressure, a man under the microscope, a man who is easily led.

Those who plan to follow in the footsteps of Mugabe must be aware that Zimbabwe was once an icon of African progress, but now we are on our knees, begging as a result of Mugabes greed, ignorance and vengefulness. South Africa must learn from its sorry neighbour, and be able to remove people like Malema, who appear to be intent on spoiling the vision and prosperity of South Africa.

Zimbabweans call upon ANC stalwarts who are supporting Malema to stop, because he has the potential to make both South Africa and Zimbabwe ungovernable.

Back in Zimbabwe, we are approaching the much anticipated elections of which MDC supporters have been reportedly harassed by the militias, CIO and Zanu (PF) supporters and their belongings unlawfully taken from them. The situation is being made worse by the provision of weapons by Mugabe to those who say they will favour him in the next elections. Surely we dont expect weapons to provide us with food, jobs, money and shelter?

I do not see the peace we have been longing for. To reach our destiny, we must unite change can only be achieved if we say no to segregation, tribalism and racism.

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