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mafriqI saw you in The Vagina Monologues and I was wondering what you were doing there and why?
I was there because I have reached a point where, through music, I have gotten to know the power we have as musicians in changing peoples way of being and influencing them. (Pictured: Pauline Gundidza )

So I have decided that I am not going to input negatively anymore. At the Vagina Monologues we were talking about womens reproductive health. I am a woman activist but I am not one of those lets kill all the men type. I am hoping to start an organization called Sister Strength so in the mean time I am getting in touch with a lot of young womens organizations so that I get experience and an outlook on our environment as young women activists. So in The Vagina Monologues I did a song called beautiful woman. It talks about self-appreciation, it reminds you how great you can be or how great you are and that you should never look down on yourself. I feel I have been given a chance to enlighten women and men as well on the value of life.

When did you start singing?

When I was eight years old I was selected to sing a leading part in a school play. I think that was my shining moment. I never knew I could sing – I just sang as a hobby. In high school I led the choir. Thats when I started to venture into music and thats when I started to consider it as a career option.

Why the name Mafrique?

Mafrique stands for my Africa. We are about the values of being African, of being proud of what you doing and daring to be different.

What advice would you give to girls out there who want to become musicians?

What I would say is if you believe in yourself nothing can stop you but it does not happen in a day. You have to be constantly learning . . . even musicians who are older than me have to keep on learning. It would be good to get a musical education, learn about music, and learn how to write, to compose music, and learn an instrument its an advantage. Its better if you start with a musical background.

How do you feel about the media talking about your children and your relationship with their father?

I am very proud to be a mum; I love my daughters Sky and Mimi. They are my source of strength my inspiration. I hope that the media will be kind to them. I hope that they do not have this great big shadow following them in regard to their parents achievements. I want them to venture into whatever career they want and to not feel restricted to music but if they show an interest in music I would be happy to be a role model to them. I think its a shame that the media focuses on the negative side in terms of personal lives but it has not brought me down.

What kind of music does Mafrique do?

Our music is urban contemporary, its Afro punk, its very daring.

Given the chance what would you change in the music industry?

Most musicians dont know their value. They dont know that they should be getting royalties. We are entitled to security, food and accommodation at all our shows. And if we have a contract it is legally binding. No one can say the show was a flop so I cant pay you anymore, so bye. I want musicians to know that you can take a promoter to court. That promoter must know that it a crime to deprive an artist of their wages after a performance.

Has the inclusive government changed the music industry at all?

Yes it has. We recently formed an organization called the Urban Grooves Association. I dont know if we can accredit it to the inclusive government but the initiative was kind of given by the powers that be. They gave us that platform and we are grateful and we hope that with more support we can build something strong.

As a mother what is your wish for Zimbabwe?

Its a matter of human rights. Human rights is not a fancy phrase from the West. It is the respect we as people should give one another. I believe if we grasp the concept of respecting each other as people our children will grow up in a better place.

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