Chombo’s imposed councillor resigns due to frustration

chomboLUPANE - The special interest councillor who had been imposed on the Lupane District Rural Council, Martin Stobart, has resigned after facing open hostility from the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) dominated local authority. (Pictured: Ignatius Chombo. His special councillor quit )

Stobart confirmed to ***The Zimbabwean***that he had resigned because of hostile relations between him and the elected councillors.

I have resigned because of the councillors belligerent and warlike attitude influenced by party politics. I was appointed to represent the interests of the rural business community, said Stobart.

The MDC Lupane Rural District councillors in Matabeleland North resisted the appointment of Stobart, a Zanu (PF) activist as a special councillor from day one.

We would like to let Chombo know that here in Lupane rural district council there is no room for peoples rejects. How can the minister cheat the electorate by appointing loosing Zanu (PF) supporters as special councillors through the backdoor?” said Samuel Ncube, an elected councillor, in the area.

Ncube said things had not been rosy for Stobart from the first day when he set foot in council chambers armed with a letter of appointment from Chombo.

From that day all the councillors greeted him with ridicule. One of the councillors openly told him that they cannot work with him because he a Zanu (PF) activist, added Ncube.

Stobart had been appointed a month ago by the Local Government Minister of Local government, Urban and Rural Development Ignatius Chombo.

Despite Chombos consistent denial that special councillors were apolitical, Stobart confirmed he was a Zanu (PF) supporter.

According to the Urban Councils Act, special councillors are entitled to participate in the business of the council and perform the same functions as elected councillors. They are also entitled to the same benefits but do not vote at council meetings.

In April the Bulawayo city council also rejected plans by Chombo to appoint special interest councillors saying this will disturb day-to-day running of council business.

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