FIFA 2010 World Cup

world_cup_trophyIvory Coasts 1-3 defeat at the hands of Brazil showed that this is a World Cup in Africa for the Africans that will be won by the Samba boys. Im slowly losing hope for African teams. It will be nice to have one African side taking advantage of the African soil and make it all the way to the quarter finals, but it does not seem possible. Grail Mupazviri

The European teams and all others from outside Africa are being such cry babies on the vuvuzela issue. They take Africa for granted terming this a dark continent. The vuvuzelas give them exactly the picture they painted about this continent. We love the noise vuvuzelas make, this is what makes us as wild as they predicted. So why complain when you knew all along Africa can be this noisy? Darlington Mafudza, Johannesburg.

Brazil is going to win the World Cup and it is going to win it in style. Their goals are so stylish and entertaining. George T, Harare.

England and Spain have failed to live to my expectations. With that kind of display theyre parading they can only dream of winning the World Cup. I cant imagine supporting any other team except these two if they fail to make it to the next round. Richard Pasipanodya, Bulawayo.

Vuvuzela and Jabulani will stay. This is Africas time and we have the right to do what pleases us off the field. They set the rules on the field but we have the right to chose how to support our teams. If this was in Mexico, Mexicans will do their Mexican wave because it will be their time. If it was in England they will fly a big flag down the terraces above the supporters distracting them of their view, they can do it if the competition is staged in England. But right now it is in Africa and we will blow the vuvuzela. Loyiso D, Pretoria.

A child was speaking before the jury in court where his parents were allegedly accused of physically abusing him. He was asked whether he wanted to live with his mother and he replied No she beats me. The same reply came No he beats me when asked if he wanted to live with his father. He was then asked who he wanted to live with and he replied, Bafana Bafana. The jury was all caught by surprise before asking why. The young boy replied innocently, Because they never beat anyone. Chamu, Mbare.

If South Africa will not make it to the next round there is a high chance of theft and crime as currently everyones attention is diverted to supporting Bafana Bafana. Just like they ware promising to chase out all foreigners after the World Cup, they are likely going to steal from them when their team will be watching the games from the terraces. David Kashanu, Randburg.

2010 PSL

PSL Chairman made a good decision to postpone matches until the end of the World Cup because supporters would have continued diverting their attention to the competitive global showcase. Besides it was going to be unfair for the players themselves, failing to qualify for the World Cup does not mean they are pissed off to the extent of losing interest of watching other teams participating. Josh Nhemachena, Highfield.

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