MDC-T to investigate land scandal

RUWA - MDC-T Chairman for the enhancement of councils, who is also the local Government deputy Minister, Cicil Zvidzai is investigating Ruwa town council chairperson and three councillors, who are also under police investigations, for selling non-existent commercial stands to several people in the town.

According to a police document HCCR 77/04/10 dated 18 May 2010, Ruwa town councils Pinias Robson Mushayavanhu sold stands which were provisional allocations, (stand numbers provided). In terms of Lease Agreement section 12, Mushayavanhu has no right to dispose stated stands as they are still provisional allocations from a layout which are not yet approved and also whose survey is not yet approved by the Survey General.

Transaction on a stand can only be allowed after a survey which determines the official stand number and extent has been approved. The stands in question which were provisionally allocated are not yet serviced. Council is yet to advise those allocated the actual cost of servicing the stands and how the costs are going to be paid for, now that they are surveyed, reads part of the police docket which has been opened for Mushayavanhu.

In a telephone interview on Monday Zvidzai said, “As MDC we do not condone corruption, and in this case we are going to set up a task force which will thoroughly investigate and establish the authenticity of the allegations,” he said. In its investigation report, Ruwa city council said there was massive corruption at the council by Mushayavanhu and councillors Chitumba and Ndlovu. The report, which led to police investigations, states that Mushayavanhu at one point barter traded one non-existent commercial stand to two different people, a man known as Mukuruva who gave him a Pajero vehicle and a local church congregation.

Contacted for comment Mushayavanhu said Zanu (PF) was behind the case. This is a politically-motivated case. Everything is being engineered by Harare District Administrator Mubaiwa who is a serious Zanu (PF) supporter and is doing this to tarnish the image of MDC. Yes there was a commission which was set to investigate me, but nothing was found. These people went on to report the trumped up cases to the police. I have with me documents to support the alleged corruptly owned stands, he said. Efforts to get a comment from Harare District Administrator Mubaiwa were fruitless. MDC councillors have been accused of corruption with some of them having been convicted. MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai has declared zero tolerance to corruption.

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