Newly-weds trash hired Ferrari

wrecked_ferrari_europicsA bride and groom hired a 130,000 Ferrari to drive themselves to their wedding reception in style - then smashed into a traffic light.

The couple – who cannot be named for legal reasons – had spent 500 to rent the 180mph Testarossa for an hour so they could arrive at the bash in style at Treviso, northern Italy.

But after going just a few yards in the supercar – which does 0-60 in under six seconds – the groom swerved off the road straight into a traffic light, virtually writing off the luxury motor.

“They had to sign over a 20,000 insurance deposit on the car – and they probably won’t be getting any change from it,” said one police officer investigating the crash.

To add insult to injury, the groom was fined the equivalent of 50 for damaging public property.

Insurers – who are in discussions with the couple – say repairs could cost as much as 60,000.

“Neither of them had been drinking but with a car this powerful a small mistake can become very costly,” added the officer.

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