Raw sewage goes into Nyatsime River

CHITUNGWIZA The municipality has admitted that it is pumping raw sewage into the Nyatsime river, a major tributary of the ManyameRriver which flows into Lake Chivero, Harare's main water source, posing a threat to the health of millions.

“To relieve the pressure of the sewerage affluence, the municipality had to directly let the sewerage flow into the Nyatsime River,” the council said in a report. It could not be established if the practice, which has been going on for years, contributed to the cholera outbreak blamed on contaminated water in Harare. The outbreak killed 4000 nationwide and continues to be treated as a looming threat by health officials.

Chitungwiza mayor, Philemon Chipiyo, said the problem was being addressed through the introduction of larger sewer pipes.

“The sight of sewerage, which had become an eyesore, is being rectified through the introduction of bigger sewer pipes,” Chipiyo said. The municipality has previously denied the practice.

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