Zanu (PF) thug wants sympathy

CHIKUKU William Nhongo of Mufari Village in Bikita East is appealing for fellow villagers to treat him like a normal human being, despite the fact that he committed murder in the 2002 presidential elections.

The country has witnessed widespread violence since the 2000 parliamentary elections when Tsvangirais MDC nearly defeated Zanu (PF). Nhongo was speaking at a National Healing and Reconciliation meeting held at Chikuku Growth Point. The meeting sought to unite people of different political parties who have been fighting amongst each other for the past decade. He delivered a touching address which brought many lessons to the youths in the polarized society.

I regret what we did in 2002. I urge fellow youths from Zanu (PF) and MDC not to be fooled by politicians to turn against each other during election time, said Nhongo. In 2002, the late David Musoro and I were given a lot of beer and other intoxicating drugs before we proceeded to Chigumisirwa Growth point where we frog-marched Chatunga and Mahembe to Boora township which is a distance of 12 kilometres.

These men died painful deaths because we were working under the influence of alcohol and drugs. When we got sober we realized that we had committed murder, but it was too late to make any amends. We were sent to the Masvingo Magistrates court where we were each sentenced to 14 years in prison with hard labour. Unfortunately Musoro died while serving his prison term and I was lucky to be pardoned by President Mugabe in 2009.

No single politician from Zanu (PF) visited us or brought us food in prison. I know I have invited an avenging spirit to my family because of the murder I committed. This is not going to affect families of politicians who used us to commit the crime. I am reformed and I urge other people not to engage in crime for politics or any other reason. People are afraid to greet me or drink beer with me. I now go to Roman Catholic Church every Sunday and I preach the gospel of healing and reconciliation wherever I go. His message is expected to change the attitudes of political fanatics and restore peace and normalcy to Chikuku Growth point which had become notorious for being Zanu (PF)s most dangerous torture base in Bikita East.

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