Bindura looks to UNICEF to stem sewage flood

sewageBINDURA The town of Bindura, which is awash with sewage, is looking to UNICEF to help revamp the water and sewage infrastructure, decayed through age and neglect.

In some cases decayed due to old age and neglect.

The mayor of Bindura, Ivory Matanhire, said that the leaking town had approached UNICEF, which had promised to help.

They have sent contractors, who are going to replace the pumps with new ones that can pump water at a much faster rate. UNICEF is also going to lay sewage and water pipes, said Matanhire.

Some residents in Bindura who live in highland areas have gone for more than seven years without water supplies and only the timely intervention by UNICEF at the height of the cholera outbreak in 2008 and 2009 saved lives.

Matanhire, however, said that the town, which has rivulets of raw sewage flowing in the streets, needed much more than the $80,000 UNICEF had promised.

“The state of the town is beyond repair in some areas. The pipes have decayed altogether and we would need at least $320,000 to solve the towns woes, she said.

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