Civil servants gloomy

BULAWAYO - A body representing civil service employee unions will hold a special meeting to chart the way forward following governments failure to award civil servants a salary increment in the Mid-Term Fiscal Policy Review statement.

Apex president, Tendai Chikowore, said that they were frustrated by Governments reluctance to address civil servants salary concerns.

We are disappointed by the ministers presentation because there is no clear indication that they are committed to resolving the issue concerning our salaries, said Chikowore.

She said the government had assured civil servants that a strategy to address their plight would be in place by the time of the review.

Technically speaking Minister Biti confirmed his stance that there was a salary freeze for all civil servants. We expected him to at least give us a report back as to what efforts were being made to find a solution to the salary stalemate that caused us to strike early this year, said Chikowore.

She said they were disappointed by the gloomy reality that Government was not in a position to grant them a salary increment any time soon.

At the moment civil servants earn between US$165 and US$250 a month.

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