COPAC battles with website

HARARE - Zimbabweans scattered all across the SADC region have been left out of the constitution writing process that is currently in motion after the Parliamentary Select Committee (COPAC) failed to create mechanisms through which they could contribute to the national discourse.

COPAC is now making frantic efforts to launch a website that will enable those in the Diaspora to contribute via the internet.

Spokesperson Jesse Majome said the committee was doing its best to ensure that the website was launched but had faced ‘unprecedented challenges’.

We want the outreach phase to be broad-based, so people outside the country should make an effort to send us their views,” said Majome.

We are making frantic efforts to reach out to every Zimbabwean but at the moment we do not have the plan on those who do not have the internet, she added.

Some estimates put the number of Zimbabweans who have fled the country due to political persecution or economic desperation at over 4 million, a significant proportion of the country 14 million. The consultative process underway has been characterised by a low turn out due to a dearth in publicity, the constant changing of schedules and on-going Zanu (PF) sponsored violence intimidation, particularly in the rural areas

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