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world_cupFIFA 2010 World Cup
The final match was so tense; I think the referee handled it quite well. Of course people may have expected him to issue out red cards at some occasions but it could have killed the momentum of the game.

With so much star players in their team, Spain deserved to win the World Cup despite a poor start in their group matches. Fidelis Munyonga, Johannesburg.

Netherlands sailed all the way to the finals despite being criticised by soccer fans during the beginning of the World Cup. They proved worth being reckoned among the champions when they played in the grand finale. Donald M, Kambuzuma.

Spain deserved to win the World Cup. This was just their year, from the European Championships to winning the global competition. What a way to win a double! Francis, Pretoria.

Ghana fell in the quarter-finals but Im sure they won the respect of all reasonable Africans. They will rule Africa for the next ten years or more if they maintain their vibrant youth policy. Chamu, Chitungwiza.

I just felt Germany deserved to win the World Cup. Doreen, Cape Town.

Uruguay did not only deserve to lose in the third place play offs, but they were supposed to face a heavy penalty for cheating against Ghana. That kind of handling should not only be punishable by a red card but the opposition must be awarded a goal not even penalty. That is where FIFA is letting football down; it was the same with Thierry Henrys case against Ireland. That match must have been made a replay with Henry or his team facing some kind of penalty. Joseph Mupakati, Harare.

Premier Soccer League

Now that the World Cup is over we expect the local teams to take a leaf from the performances displayed at the international show than torture our eyes with some drab performances. We want skill and talent to rule the second half of the premiership. Blah Fatso, Mbare.

Local football administrators should take a leaf from the organisers of the World Cup. We need our game to be run professionally. Wayne Mandinyadza, Chiredzi.


The new ZIFA Chairman, Cuthbert Dube, boasted of being in power and threatened that the likes of Henrietta Rushwaya, the ZIFACEO will not be doing anything they please with the football mother boards name. But its surprising that Rushwaya still rules. Has he been bribed by Rushwaya to keep quiet? Lobengula, Bulawayo.

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