Give people a break

They say you can break peoples lives but you cannot take their souls.

The recent banning of food aid is not only sad but a ludicrous move at a time when masses are facing starvation due to food shortages. It is indeed puzzling for the new government to allow such a decision when most people are faced with the reality of death because they have no food, through no fault of their own.

It is through Zanu (PF)’s chaotic land invasions of the 2 000 that is yearly causing food shortages to the once bread basket of the region, although the party blames recurrent droughts and sanctions imposed by the West. The government banned food aid saying it was being used to campaign for regime change. It is amazing how such ridiculous decisions are taken in a new government that is expected to create a new Zimbabwe that we all want. So what regime change are they afraid of?

Grace Mugabe was last week in Shamva dishing out free food while at the same time politicking about the new constitution and the sale of diamonds. This was a clear case of vote buying at a time when the constitutional outreach team is busy gathering views from the already fear stricken poor villagers who have been threatened with death by Zanu (PF) goons if they dare say a word.

It is high time the government or rather Zanu (PF) gives people a break. Zimbabweans are currently hard pressed on all sides. They are living in a country where their children cannot dream of getting jobs unless they know someone in the top echelons of society and where the few who are working earn peanuts. Those in the rural areas, not only do they have to deal with the harsh realities of food shortages, but have to daily endure the intimidation and violence from Zanu (PF).

Political parties should let their policies talk to the people. Denying them food aid will not make people like them. So the government should leave the food to flow to those who need it. The claim that the ban of food aid is to encourage people to work is laughable. If anything, Zimbabweans are known all over the world for their industriousness. What the people are lacking are equal opportunities. How can people produce food when the national resources have been plundered by few greedy politicians at the expense of everyone?

Denying people food will not change peoples minds. The people spoke during the 2008 elections despite the killings. Unfortunately no-one can stop the winds of change. No-one can stop anything whose time has come.

Word for Today

Know that the Lord has set apart the godly for himself; the Lord will hear when I call to him.

In your anger do not sin; when you are on your beds search your heats and be silent. Psalms 4 vs 3 – 4

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