Joshua Nkomo Statue at Karigamombe Defeats National Healing Efforts

joshua_nkomo3The mischievous plan to erect a statue of late ZAPU founding leader Dr Joshua Nkomo (pictured) at Karigamombe Centre in Harare, a site that planned the Gukurahundi atrocities and renamed to humiliate him and ZAPU is extremely offensive and equal to a public crucifixion of Zimbabwes true national hero.

ZAPU (Europe) agrees with protests from his family and millions of Zimbabweans who view the arrogant plan as unacceptable. It is an immoral act that sadly will defeat all efforts of wished-for national healing by the ZANU and MDCs GNU. The Karigamombe Centre (which means bring down the bull in chiShona) was the place where the North Korean trained 5 brigade massacres (Gukurahundi) were authored. More than 20,000 ZAPU innocent ZAPU supporters were killed in the 1980s, while women and children endured torture and rape. It is known that the former Piccadilly Centre was renamed to shame Dr Nkomo and ZAPU. While most Zimbabweans would like to acknowledge the heroism of the late father Zimbabwe, it is a charade to erect Nkomos statue on a site that planned the murder of his supporters and one that is named to his shamming. It is clear that those who persecuted and humiliated our late national leader during his life time still have burning desires to continue humiliating him, his family and all those who support him and what he stood for, even after his death. Any Zimbabwean who knows what Joshua Nkomo went through will agree the location of the Karigamombe Centre; in Harare is not the fitting location to dedicate for Joshua Nkomos mark of respect. We do not want to believe that the Harare City fathers and GNU authorities behind this plan are short of historical facts surrounding the proposed location and the history of the man. There is no shortage of suitable locations where his statue could be erected. We call on all the stake holders and authorities behind this unsound plan to seriously reconsider. We also call on all Zimbabweans who have respect and hold up to what Joshua Nkomo stood for to support any efforts that will result in the removal of Joshua Nkomos statue from Karigamombe Centre should it ever be erected there. Issued by Zenzo Ncube Secretary for Marketing & Communication (ZAPU Europe) Zimbabwe African Peoples Union (ZAPU)

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