MDC congratulates South Africa for hosting World Cup

zuma_tsvangiraiThe MDC congratulates the government, the people of South Africa and indeed the rest of Africa for hosting a successful World Cup soccer tournament.

The event, which ended on Sunday, was the first World Cup soccer event on African soil and the continent feels proud that our brothers and sisters in South Africa have successfully hosted this prestigious event. South Africa and Africa must stand tall with the rest of the world after hosting such a largely incident-free tournament that drew hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world.

The MDC joins the people of South Africa and the rest of Africa for the unity and the positive spirit of celebration imbued by this World Cup. It debunked negative stereotypes about Africa and showed that we are part of the brave modern world, with the same capacity to successfully host major world events. This World Cup showcased Africa as a united continent that is able to break social, religious and racial barriers thereby making the event a truly African experience. As Africans, the best we can take from the just ended tournament is that true unity is possible as evidenced by the way we all rallied behind African teams under the banner; Africa United.

We are also proud that the tournament was rated the third World Cup to draw massive crowds when thousands turned up at the eight world class stadiums in South Africa. The beautiful and imposing infrastructure, the passion, the true African spirit of the happy people of this continent and the now global sound of the vuvuzela will forever be part of the global memory; long after final whistle was blown on Sunday. The World Cup showed that Africa is a continent of possibilities and opportunities. Africa is about spirit, about patriotism and about hard work. Africa belongs to both black and white people and the sight of people of all races working together before and after the World Cup shows that Africa is home to everyone.

We hope after this successful event, Africa will remain united and be able to jointly tackle wars, diseases and internecine political conflicts that have for decades ravaged our great continent. The people of Africa deserve a return to normal and quiet lives. The African drum beat of success must beat louder, and the flame of victory must glow. We are a continent of positives and with unity of purpose; Africa can compete with the rest of the world. It is only possible if we unite, not as followers but as leaders. This is only possible if our political leaders can build on the unity that was displayed in South Africa; a unity of purpose and vision to unleash the true potential of our collective African destiny.

The MDC is proud of South Africas successful hosting of this tournament. We hope that this event will be able to change the world, to change lives and to change our destiny. After all, we are just ordinary people seeking hope, dignity, security, freedom and prosperity. Africa, SADC and Zimbabwe must build on the unifying legacy of this World Cup. The foundation for a new credo of a united and peaceful Africa was built and born at this World Cup.

African nations must stand together, united and ready for real change.

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