Teachers shun area with no transport

teacher_educNYAMINYAMI - A critical shortage of teachers has left education in Karibas Nyaminyami district in tatters. A top official from the Ministry of Education, Sport and Culture confirmed there had been a mass exodus of teachers from the district because of poor working conditions and impassable roads that made the areas inaccessible to local towns.

We have no qualified teachers here and kids are not attending lessons. Trained teachers are shunning the district because the area is inaccessible and lacks basic infrastructure such as electricity and access to clean water, he said.

Officials revealed most schools where being run by a few temporary teachers.

The working conditions are pathetic. Government is not doing anything to improve the conditions of service for teachers here, said a teacher.

Staff also complained that that there was no transport to go business centres to get their salaries. Most buses went only as far as Zvipani and Makandi, so teachers were travelling 30km on paydays to catch a bus to Kariba.

I am aware that working conditions for teachers in rural areas are generally very poor and I am very sympathetic to the plight of the teachers, said Education Minister David Coltart.

Unless we restore the dignity and integrity of the teaching profession in Zimbabwe we will not restore a quality education for all our children. We can only do this if education is once again made governments top priority and that must be reflected in the amount of money and attention we pay to the education sector.

I remain committed to doing whatever I can to lift the education sector, and the restoration of the teaching profession is my number one priority.

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