Theresa Makone must resign

theresa_makoniWhen Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai, as head of government, reshuffled his MDC ministers some of us viewed that as a powerful and timely move aimed at strengthening the government of national unity (GNU). When he assigned Theresa Makone (pictured) to the Ministry of Home Affairs we applauded him for being gender

Good old Mutsekwa had dismally failed to mitigate all the evil that the notorious Zanu (PF) Repressive Police (ZRP) had visited upon both MDC and civil society activists since 2008. Makone was viewed as the Iron Lady who could bring both Augustine Chihuri, the Commissioner of Police, and Kembo Mohadi, the Co-minister of Home Affairs, to heel. Unfortunately, Theresa Makone had hardly settled into her new post when she was abused by Didymus Mutasa, Minister of so-called Presidential Affairs. There is nothing presidential about what Mutasa does in government on a daily basis.

We all know that Zanu (PF) has no culture of people resigning from their positions when they have been accused of wrong doing. But that culture must not be allowed to invade the MDC as well because it is an evil culture and symptomatic of bad governance. The only exception in Zanu (PF) was the late Garwe who was minister of education, who resigned because his daughter, who was a candidate in a public examination, had seen copies of some of the papers that she was going to sit for. Several senior Zanu (PF) officials regarded Garwes resignation as unnecessary, but the nation respected him for that action.

Mai Makone has defended her action by arguing that she had to help Mutasa locate his wayward son. We are waiting to see how many MDC supporters she is going to help when they get kidnapped by the CIO or the ZRP. Why is she not trying to assist Farai Maguwu who is sick after being allegedly abused by state agents? How many MDC people were abused by Mutasa over the years and what is Makone going to do to help them?

Some people are asking the question: Was Makone trying to intimidate the police to release Martin simply because his father masquerades as a cabinet minister? Does Theresa Makone have more in common with Didymus Mutasa than with other members of the MDC, her own political party? When did a Zanu (PF) minister ever bother to assist an arrested MDC supporter by runn9ing around police stations?

The history of where Mutasa and Makone met and the things they did together, clearly indicates that the two are soul mates of long standing. There is nothing at all wrong with that. What is wrong is the abuse of ministerial clout to subvert the due process of the law. As a father, Mutasa had every right to run around the police stations hunting for his fraudulent son. As co-minister of Home Affairs, Makone had no business assisting Mutasa in this wild goose chase.

It is for this act of abuse of power that Makone must voluntarily step down from the ministerial position. If she does not step down voluntarily then the PM should either re-assign her or send her back to the party.

It is not good enough to say the PM was satisfied with Makones explanation of what transpired. As far as the nation is concerned, there is indeed, an appearance of evil and for that reason the good lady should step down in the interest of the party. The MDC cannot afford to resemble Zanu (PF) in even the smallest way. The people of this country have rejected Zanu (PF) and embraced the MDC because of its principled stance against corruption, abuse of power and all manner of evil. Please do not force the people to also reject the MDC. May God bless Zimbabwe.

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