Zanu papering over the cracks

BULAWAYO - Zanu (PF) leadership in Matabeleland were last week engaged in marathon meetings with its provincial executive to paper over rifts following a fallout that culminated in the suspension of the Bulawayo provincial chairman.

The suspension of Isaac Dakamela by the partys politburo members in Bulawayo was reportedly part of a bigger battle between the top brass to position its loyal backers in power struggles. Dakamelas suspension was overturned by the Zanu (PF) chairman, Simon Khaya Moyo who labelled it unprocedural.

Sikhanyiso Ndlovu, a Zanu (PF) politburo member confirmed the holding of the crisis meetings.

We want to have no divisions during this period (constitution making process) we are working on reconciliation strategies in the Bulawayo province. We are having meetings, Ndlovu said.

We want to have unity rather than being involved in squabbles…we will let you know of the results or outcome of the meetings or reconciliation strategies of the party in Bulawayo next week.

Dakamela refused to comment, only saying I will speak after the meetingsas for now my hands and mouth are tied.

Divisions have been the hallmark of the Bulawayo province, with the fight for top positions in the executive always cited as one of the reasons for the infighting.

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