Copac coming in Harare

douglas_mwonzora2THE constitutional outreach exercise will be coming to Harare and Bulawato next week, Constitution Parliamentary Committee (Copac) co-chairperson Douglas Mwonzora (pictured) said yesterday.

Mwonzora said he plan was to hold the outreach exercise during weekends to allow full participation of the people.

One day would not be enough to gather the peoples views in the countrys constitution-making process. We want to hold the exercise on a weekend and not one day. If necessary, we will hold it from Friday to Sunday or Saturday to Sunday, said Mwonzora.

The COPAC exercise is said to be a trough feeding exercise that enriches a self-selected elite while engaging in a fraudulent consultation of ‘the’ people, a process that will either deliver pre-conceived ideologies from the parties in charge or a bastardised amalgamation of unworkable and contradictory clauses.

Consultation is a buzz-word that on closer examination does not have much meaning, except to justify a particular position.

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