Decentralisation of auction floors

tobacco_auction_floor_harareHARARE - Stakeholders in the tobacco industry are planning to decentralise the sale of the crop by opening selling points in major growing regions to curb congestion at the auction floors. (Pictured: A tobacco auction floor in Harare.)

The Zimbabwe Farmers Union executive director, Paul Zakariya, told The Zimbabwean that in the next marketing season all the major tobacco growing regions would have auction points.

“As stakeholders in the tobacco industry, we agreed at a recent conference the need to set up logistic in terms of decentralising the selling of tobacco to address the challenges of congestion at the auction and sales floors.

“Due to the problems of congestion at tobacco auction and sales floors, we have seen the need to set up selling points in major tobacco growing regions such as Mashonaland East, Mashonaland West and Mashonaland Central. In the next farming season, these selling points will be established” he said.

He said congestion at the auction floors was compounded by an increase in the number of tobacco growers.

“In the past, tobacco was known as a crop grown by white commercial farmers but more small-scale farmers have resorted to growing the crop,” he said.

“To curb the current congestion at the auction floors, we have organised our farmers to market their crop at the auction and sales floors on specific dates.”

The ZFU executive director revealed that as a long-term plan, auction floors would be established in main tobacco growing areas in order to further decentralise the marketing of the golden leaf.

“The stakeholders during the conference also agreed to set up auction floors to further decentralise the marketing of the crop, however, the decentralization of auction floors needs investor to chip in with funding needed to build such structures and this might take us time to implement,” he said.

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