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dominic_matangiraMARONDERA - In contrast to former Zanu (PF) city fathers, MDC-T councilors here have proved selfless and committed to serving the best interests of the poor. (Pictured: MDC-T Councillor Dominic Matangira, making life easy for the poor)

Last Sunday, MDC-T councilor for Marondera Central ward 7, Dominic Matangira, came to the rescue of a bed-ridden resident, Margaret Manheru of 1 Pepukai, Rujeko, with provision of free ambulance service to the General Hospital. Poor guardians had lost hope of taking their ill relative to hospital as they could not afford the $10 ambulance fee. As a peoples party, the MDC-T has resolved to assist the underprivileged where possible. Family members sought assistance from my office and I facilitated provision of ambulance service as a social welfare issue. I have provided such services to hundreds of underprivileged residents before. MDC-T does not discriminate people on economic grounds. We strive to provide equal facilities and opportunities to all people across the political divide, said Matangira.


(Pictured: A Council Ambulance ferries Margaret Manheru to hospital)

Residents from across town described Matangira as the peoples councilor championing the cause of the poor. Recently, he provided free transport, coffin and grave to a deceased member of a hardliner Zanu (PF) family. The family initially shied from approaching the MDC councilor for assistance, until other residents forced the Zanu (PF) family to swallow its pride and seek help from the peoples councilor.

As councilors we put in place mechanisms to cater for funeral requirements for the poor. Carpenters from MDC-T agreed to manufacture coffins for the poor free of charge. When a resident falls sick we adopt his welfare and assist with free medication at council clinics. We asked clinics to provide free medical care to the poor using drugs donated by well-wishers and NGOs. Hundreds of poor residents have since benefited from our generosity as a party, he said.

Matangira, who is the youngest and most popular councilor here, has initiated several projects benefiting the poor. Among others, he is patron for an HIV/AIDS residents support group, Takakosha Tirivanhu HIV/AIDS Support Group. The group monitors welfare of HIV/AIDS victims and promotes their self sustaining projects through sourcing financial backing. The support group draws membership from both HIV positive and negative residents.

Takakosha Support Group provides facilities for medication, food, transport and other requirements for the terminally ill irrespective of membership status. I also spearheaded formation of the Marondera Residents Association in order to give residents a say in council affairs affecting their wellbeing. At present, I am at the center of formation of a local vendors association. The association would help organize and empower vendors. This would be a vendors pressure group. People in different spheres of life must be empowered for them to make meaningful contributions towards national economic building, said Matangira.

Recently, he pooled resources in his ward and bought cooking utensils to be used at funerals. Like other MDC-T councilors, Matangira said since last year, he has assisted more than 100 poor people get free graves from council social welfare facilities. Before end of the year I plan to have formed a burial society for struggling residents, he added.

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