Nothing to expect from SADC summit

john_makumbe_familyZimbabweans should not expect any meaningful reaction to the prevailing crisis in Zimbabwe from the forthcoming SADC Summit in Windhoek, Namibia. (Pictured: John Makumbe)

The SADC has persistently been reluctant to resolve the critical issues resulting from Mugabe and Zanu (PF)s reluctance to share power with the MDC. There is nothing on the ground to indicate that this dubious stance will change at the next Summit. It has already been indicated that all that can be expected to happen is that President Jacob Zuma of South Africa will brief or update the SADC heads of state on the little progress that has been made so far. The SADC is very likely to just tell Zuma to continue to facilitate the stagnant process.

The MDC are expecting too much from the toothless SADC by hoping that the club of ruling elites will rap Mugabes fingers for the numerous sins the old man has committed in violation of the Global political Agreement (GPA) signed by him and the MDC leaders.

Meanwhile, the constitution making process continues to be infested by numerous incidents of intimidation and disruptions as fake war veterans and Zanu (PF) militia seek to ensure that the ridiculous Kariba Draft is adopted as the basis of the new foundation law for this country.

Reports of the disruptions of Copac outreach meetings are clearly indicative of the peoples resistance to the Zanu (PF) machinations aimed at derailing the noble process. In East Africa, Kenya has set a tough standard for Zimbabwe to emulate, and that nation is now on course in the transition to democracy. We still have a long way to go before we can say we are even half way home in this regard.

The gallant members of Copac must, however, be saluted for holding onto their mandate and continuing to hold outreach meetings with the people in various parts of the country. A new and democratic constitution for this country must and will be written regardless of the fears and wishes of Mugabe and his decaying political party.

It is for this reason that the MDC has little choice but to swallow its pride when the SADC Summit fails to deliver anything sensible in a few days time, and continue in the government of national unity (GNU) until that new constitution is adopted. The fact that Joseph Kabila will be handing over the chair of the SADC to Namibias Pohamba makes Zimbabwes situation even direr, indeed.

President Pohamba of Namibia is good old Sam Nunjomas puppet, and he wields no meaningful power except that which his master allows him to wield. We all know that Nunjoma is a self-dedicated worshipper of Robert Mugabe, and that to him, there is no crisis in Zimbabwe. In fact, Namibia has consistently denied Zimbabweans living in that lovely country refugee status no matter what their individual circumstances were. It will therefore be naivety of the highest order to expect Namibia, as new chair of the SADC, to do any better in resolving the prolonged crisis than the DRC did nothing.

Zimbabwe must not be allowed to assume the chair of the SADC Troika at this time since the local crisis is one of the issues that remain unresolved as a result of the poor work of that SADC organ. Civil society in both Zimbabwe and Namibia should lobby the SADC effectively to ensure that the Troika chairmanship is not handed to Zimbabwe until the crisis is resolved. That essentially means until after the next national and presidential elections. It may be too late for civil society to lobby the SADC on this matter, if they have not already done so.

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