The last looting party

A glance at the list of names of members of committees that shall recommend to the government percentages of shareholding foreign-owned companies in the different sectors of the economy must transfer to locals should confirm to all but more so to those in the MDC that the Zanu (PF) leopard has not changed its spots.

Save for a few individuals obviously included in the committees to hoodwink ordinary Zimbabweans that the so-called indigenisation programme is indeed intended to empower them, the rest of the gang are either close relatives, friends or allies of President Robert Mugabe and other top Zanu (PF) leaders.

In other words, just as was the case with fast-track land reform, Mugabe and Indigenisation Minister Saviour Kasukuweres economic empowerment programme is all about rewarding Zanu (PF) loyalists with thriving businesses they never sweated for and will get for next to nothing.

Mugabe and his cronies literally hoarded commercial farms, with some ending with as many as six farms each while they preach one-man-one-farm as official policy.

In exactly the same way they ran down a country that at independence was relatively prosperous, with no foreign debt, was self sufficient in food and had a currency that was stronger than the American dollar they soon destroyed the commercial farms.

Today private mines, factories and other companies are all thats left to loot as the crooks thats what they are look to grab as much as they can and stash it as far away as is possible before power is inevitably taken away from them.

But we have really come to expect this sort of behavior from Zanu (PF) after living for the last 30 years as their subjects.

The only surprising thing in all this is that Zanu PF) can see the need to loot as much money and wealth as they can before they loose political power and access to national resources.

But for some reason they cannot see that as surely as they shall be stripped of all political power so shall they — on the day of reckoning — be dispossessed of all their ill-gotten wealth and each of them served with his/her just deserts.

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