Churches gather in response to trumpet Call

Hundreds of thousands of Christians are expected to unite and gather across denominations around Zimbabwe today as the church seeks to provide practical answers to some of the dire problems the country is facing.

The Trumpet Call meetings are part of an initiative by the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ) and Foundations for Farming (FfF), incorporating the full endorsement and participation of the Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference (ZCBC) as well as the Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC).

The initiative is aimed at calling and mobilising the church to help transform Zimbabwe through a restored passion for God, each other and the nation. Dr Goodwill Shana, Chair of the Heads of Christian Denominations, said: ”It’s really to mobilise the Church to be the church of Jesus Christ regardless of race, tribe and denomination.”

In a country where the unemployment rate is estimated at over 80% and where the maize harvest this season is not expected to exceed 750 000 tonnes, well short of the 1.8 million tonnes required (for animals and humans), Trumpet Call is a practical response by the church that aims to bring about transformation through an initial focus on agriculture.

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