Help Zimbabwe – a light on the hill

fixing_potholesHARARE - Instead of using traditional advertising methods, a computer company has embarked on a unique community programme to highlight its products and services. (Pictured: Fixing potholes)

In 2009 Frampol, a computer and hardware, software and networking company launched Help Zimbabwe. Inspired by the word of God, they have planted trees and patched potholes in Msasa. We decided to try an put into practise the teaching that we are intended to be light in our community. We want people to notice us through the works that we are doing, explained Neil Padmore who is managing the Community Help Programme.

So far the project has grown 132 indigenous and fruit trees alongside the Harare-Mutare Road. This year we will double the number of trees that we are growing. We are looking at a community programme that will have lasting results for future generations, said Padmore. Apart from growing trees the company has also patched potholes and cut grass along roads in the area.

We are working closely with the city of Harare. Last year they provided us with 16 tonnes of tar and we have managed to patch 484 sections of different roads in Msasa, he said. We have also been cutting grass and using it to make compost that we then use on the trees. So far we have created 2 tonnes of compost. We are in the process of renewing the natural resources that we have. Road networks have collapsed due to years of neglect by the central government and cash-strapped local authorities have failed to make the necessary repairs.

Companies have to change. We have to be more purposeful and help build the country. Our commitment to the community should not be ignored. If companies find it difficult to go alone they can partner with Help Zimbabwe, said Padmore. For a small company that was formed in 2004, Frampol has made enormous strides towards establishing a safe environment, creating 14 jobs in the process, and changing the outlook of Msasa.

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