Zanu militants step up attacks

zanu_youthZanu (PF) militants have stepped up attacks against people who speak against the partys views on the new constitution during outreach meetings in Manicaland province, where MDC officials fear for the life of a colleague who was abducted last week.

Blessing Matake, the Organising Secretary for Buhera South district, has been missing since he was abducted by four armed and unidentified men at Birchenough Bridge business centre last Wednesday.

The MDC provincial spokesperson Pishai Muchauraya said: He was abducted two days ago by some people believed to be linked to Joseph Chinotimba because they were using a maroon Toyota Hi-Lux which is similar to the one used by Chinotimba and we suspect it was him and his militia who abducted Matake ahead of the COPAC meetings due to take place in Buhera South anytime now.

Muchauraya said teams of supporters are out canvassing the surrounding areas for the missing official, especially checking police stations.

Weve been looking at surrounding police stations because we know Zanu (PF) has got a tendency of abducting and beating people then dumping them at the nearest police station so that they will be charged for crimes that they did not commit. But in this case we have not located him, explained the MDC official.?

The frustrated MDC spokesperson also reported that there was a lot of retribution and intimidation of people who contribute at outreach meetings in Nyanga North and South and parts of Makoni. He stressed that headmasters in particular were being targeted.

Meanwhile another attack on an MDC activist was reported in Midlands North province, where Nation Nyamambishi of Chakari mine is reported to be battling for his life in hospital.

According to the MDC, Nyamambishi was attacked by over 30 Zanu (PF) youths last Monday after he had commented that things in Zimbabwe have improved since Morgan Tsvangirai became Prime Minister last year. The MDC said that the Zanu (PF) youths followed Nyamambishi to his home and severely assaulted him.

A statement released by the Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition last Thursday condemned the violence that has characterised constitutional outreach meetings since the process started in June. The civil society urged the government to investigate cases of violence in the outreach program and to prosecute the perpetrators.

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