Big problems, small politics

heroes_acreThat in the midst of all the problems Zimbabwe is facing all we can do is quarrel over a mere gravesite that is actually what Heroes Acre is serves to once again demonstrate the pathetic smallness of our politics.

The big issues of the day in hand are writ large in the national account book that shows that Zimbabwe is choking under the weight of a staggering US$6.7 billion-debt that is raking up US$300 million per year in interest and helping worsen the countrys credit risk profile, while undermining investment and growth.

A debt, it must be said, that Zimbabwe incurred because of the financial recklessness of the same characters who claim burial at the Heroes Acre shrine as a right and a recognition of their sterling service to the country.

The urgent matters of today are visibly etched on the desperate faces of the multitudes of jobless young men and women roaming our streets, the thousands of people dying of HIV/AIDS and the millions facing hunger. The list is endless!

Yet with all the dark and threatening clouds hanging over Zimbabwe, those we have put in charge of the ship of state still find time to engage in a juvenile quarrel over who should be buried at the hill along Harare/Bulawayo road.

That President Robert Mugabe would choose to take the lead role in this morbid debate as he did at the burial of Ephraim Masawi last week and that the MDC would take issue over exclusion from deciding who is buried at Heroes Acre as they have done just goes to show how far we have fallen as a country.

Ensuring all our genuine heroes and heroines from across the political divide are equally recognised and honoured is important. But there are more pressing issues.

For example, how does the burial of anyone at Heroes Acre bring closure to the multitudes of orphans, widows and other victims of Gukurahundi or the political violence of the past decade?

What has the question of who lies at Heroes Acre to do with putting food on the table for villagers in Kezi or Buhera, those who ironically have borne the brunt of misrule by the same self-styled heroes?

Why should the ruling parties even concern themselves with this matter when they have not even begun to do the first thing to address the real issues preoccupying long suffering Zimbabweans?

Grave allocation at Heroes Acre is not the most important thing on the mind of the ordinary Zanu (PF), MDC-T or MDC-M supporter and surely Messrs Mugabe, Morgan Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara should not need to be told this.

In other places being so out of touch with the people is a career ending offense for any political leader or party.

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