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world_around_youth.jpegI wish to express my profound disgust, pain, sadness and to a larger extent anger as I continue to see the horrible lives that a lot of us are leading, with particular emphasis on the youth. I find it pathetic and equally disturbing that we continue finding ourselves on the leeward side of economic benefits

We, by far the luckiest of generations in terms of academic facilities and fair, equal employment opportunities, are undoubtedly the worst when it comes to capitalising them. Our respective governments spend fortunes just to educate us, yet we still find courage to blame them for our own lack of vision and economic short sightedness – What a shame! Although a lot of us are literate, we greatly fall short in the area of essential life skills and the ability to see and take opportunities. In the end we shamelessly embrace poverty, simply because we are failing to capitalise on these chances.

We, the youth, are the foundation of all great nations; we form integral cornerstones and we are the pride of all progressive economies the world over. However, in Africa, thanks to our stupid and horrible complacency, the old, tired and really well fed run the show. We are totally at ease with that, to the extent that they do whatever they want, even to our disadvantage. We are the FUTURE, but we just stand back and accept the status quo; we cant even stand up and truly demand our own fair share of the economic cake. How do we honestly expect them to provide for us when we can not even do anything for ourselves?

As a black entrepreneur living & operating in South Africa, I find it totally unacceptable that people find this country harsh and unfavourable. SA presents to the open minded and free thinkers a whole new world awash with possibilities. Mzansi is truly a virgin; sweet, innocent and full of promise. The true sweetness that lies hidden is that it is difficult to get on top, but once you are on top its definitely worth the pain.

To the lazy and mentally challenged this place is hell but to the movers, shakers and the innovative it offers a whole new meaning and kindly awaits the hungry and thirsty with its endless possibilities. The onus is upon us to grab this once in a lifetime opportunity. Lets harness our potential, maximise our strengths and outperform our talents.

I urge you all to think outside of the box and find new innovative ways of doing things. We should brace ourselves for sacrifices along the way, but there is nothing more satisfying in life than seeing your ideas taking shape. Entrepreneurship is the definite way out.

Shrug off your fears and fight your ways to the top, draw strength from your struggles and turn your tragedies into triumph

We all gave up a lot to be here. Some were teachers, nurses, accountants and are doing menial jobs here to survive. Lets all get the best out of our presence here by creating our own employment and mastering our own destinies. – Webster is based in Cape Town and is Co founder of Shine Africa, a non profit initiative that seeks to instil positive thinking in young people.

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