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sponsored_child2HARARE A UK-based charity, Ndoro Childrens Charity, which organises events in London to raise money for projects in Zimbabwe, recently announced their childrens sponsorship programme. (Pictured: Samuel George Munetsi is a 13-year-old orphan who lives with his aunt. He has two sist

Founder of the charity, Roseline Ndoro, recently returned from Zimbabwe where she launched the Sponsor a Child scheme at Marumbi School.

We have a number of children on our books in Harare, Marondera and Hwedza that are all going to be sponsored by us as of January 2011, read a recent newsletter from the charity. We have partnered with the school to pay the school fees for the most vulnerable children who were in danger of dropping out because their families could not afford to pay for their education.

As well as this scheme, the charity is establishing a leadership academy and recently found a site that can be used for the purpose.

The Hwedza Rural District Council offered Ndoro CC the abandoned building of the former Hwedza District Country Club. It is in dire need of renovation having been inhabited by squatters for many years. It is currently being used as an informal school and the children there will benefit from the improved facilities.

The plan is to expand the site into Zororo Leadership Academy, a school, orphanage

and health clinic that will benefit the many orphans in the district. Hwedza District has one of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS infections in Zimbabwe which has resulted in 6,000 AIDS orphans that have been identified by Social Services.

Roseline Ndoro said the former country club was a beautiful site with lots of potential.

For more information about Ndoro CC, or to sponsor a child through their programme, visit or call 0207 6096775.

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