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HARARE - The Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (ZIMURA) is worried about composers who are not exercising their rights by submitting newly published works to the Zimura offices in Harare and collecting their royalties, The Zimbabwean has been told.

The normal procedure for musicians is that soon after their albums have been produced and are on the market for sale, they take copies of the CDs or cassettes to be documented at the ZIMURA offices.

However, a lot of composers are failing to do this and royalties are mounting up at the offices.

The agreement that ZIMURA has signed with the local broadcaster, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings, compels the radio and television stations and other broadcasters in Africa to allocate royalties to the association, but such payments cannot be distributed until a declaration indicating the ownership of works has been recorded.

The Zimura’s documentation and distribution officer, Roseline Chirume, has sent a message to more than 1 000 members complaining about people not visiting their office to fill in “the notification of works form”.

Most of the released songs are heard on radio and television, but that does not bind ZIMURA to pay, said Chirume.

“Although such work is reported by a tv or radio station or other users, it remains undocumented until the member provides information about the work,” Chirume said.

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