Muripos honourable defeat

samson_muripoCAPE TOWN - The reigning World Champion in Kyokushinkaikan karate and the countrys sportsperson of the year, Sensei (teacher) Samson Muripo,(Pictured) failed to defend his title at the 30th anniversary Ashihara World Cup, held in Cape Town last weekend, after falling in the first round against Irans Hamid Reza Zand.

However, Muripo stood proud and paved the way for his students who scooped every prize there was on offer.

The rest of the seven Zimbabwean karatekas hogged the limelight as Mtisi (gold-Under 80kg), Lovemore Nyamutswa (silver-Under80kg), Tendai Chaparadza (gold Under-18), Malvery Muyambo (Under 65kg), Robson (bronze middleweight) and Austin Mucheni (gold middleweight) proved a strong force to reckon with.

Its not easy to get on the tatami and come out a winner, said Muripo. But it is not just about winning the bout there (karate mat), but what one needs to have is a strong fighting spirit and the power to hang on even when the going gets tough. One needs the courage and strength to take in the pain and inflict some.

Muripo is yet to defend his world championship title in the Kyokushin World Cup to be held next year. Ashihara is a slightly different style though the Zimbabweans have invaded this territory and earned respect.

There is so much talent and it has been evident in every international tournament we take part in. We are so grateful for the support we are receiving from Arosume Property Development who has believed in the true spirit of karate. It is the support of such companies and individuals that makes karate and other minority sports successful.

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