Tourism propositions in Mana Pools

HARARE - Zimbabwe's Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZPWMA) has called on local agencies and stakeholders to ratify its proposals for several tourism developments in the Mana Pools National Park and World Heritage Site. (Pictured: The map shows existing tourism development camps, loThe developments include three new semi-permanent 24-bed lodge tourism development sites along the Zambezi River frontage, one new semi-permanent 24-bed lodge tourism development at the Ruchomechi Research St

These development proposals have been announced after preparation of a 10-year Management Plan for Mana Pools, which included negotiations with all the stakeholders and are not included in the Plan. Completed some 18 months ago, this Plan remains unsigned by Zimbabwe’s Minister of Environment. However, at a meeting held on 20th September 2010, the ZPWMA informed stakeholders that if the above proposals are ratified, the Mana Pools Management Plan will be signed by the Minister and no further developments will be allowed to take place in the Park for a 10-year period.

In the Plan, Guiding Principles for Tourism are stated as follows:

1. Wilderness qualities will be maintained

2. Tourism away from the river will be encouraged

3. Camping and low impacted tented camps will be promoted

4. Unescorted walking will continue to be permitted

5. Citizen and educational access will be promoted

6. ZPWMA accommodation will be competitive

7. Linkages with appropriate communal areas will be encouraged

8. Exclusive use areas will be discouraged

During the management planning process, stakeholders agreed that further developments along the Zambezi River frontage at Mana Pools would be likely to increase tourism pressure to a level which could damage the very fragile ecosystem of the Mana Pools alluvial terraces known as the

A recent statement from The Zambezi Society stated:

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