Treasonous talk

simon_khaya_moyo2Judging by the pronouncements coming from Zanu (PF) heavies lately, it looks as though it has finally dawned on them that the people of Zimbabwe do not want them any more. (Pictured: Simon Khaya Moyo)

There is no more talk about what they will do after winning the elections. Not even any vague promises. No positive message about what the party stands for, what it will do in the future. All they are doing is threatening the people with war when the party loses the elections.

Zanu (PF) chairman, Simon Khaya Moyo, at the weekend became the latest senior official to threaten Zimbabweans with violence if the party lost the elections. He even went further and talked of a coup saying that revolutionary parties do not hand over power to non-revolutionaries. Didymus Mutasa has, true to form, also been at the forefront of threatening violence and talking about refusing to accept electoral defeat.

This is all treasonous talk. One wonders what would have happened if an MDC official had dared to threaten violence if the MDC lost the next election. No doubt the CIO and the ZRP would be falling over each other in their efforts to detain, thrash, incarcerate and possibly torture the hapless fellow. As we all know there is one law for Zanu (PF) and a plethora of laws for everybody else.

One is tempted to ask what the fight for majority rule was all about – all that talk during the fight for independence about one-person-one-vote. It appears we were all duped into believing that we were supporting a political party that believed in democracy. Now it is all about the guys with the guns. What happened to majority rule? We wholeheartedly endorse the Prime Ministers weekend appeal for a non-violent election. The people have a clear choice vote MDC for peace, or Zanu (PF) for more violence.

The challenge facing the MDC, and indeed the international community, is how to protect the voters from once again becoming victims of oppression and terror.

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