Zanu heavyweights clash over land invasions

aenius_chigwedereMARONDERA Zanu (PF) youths in the Governor Aenius Chigwedere farm invasion syndicate were allegedly beaten up and driven off David Warswick Farm last weekend by youths loyal to Zanu senator Sydney Sekeramayi. (Pictured: Governor Aenius Chigwedere)

Desperate land invading youths who felt they were used and dumped by Zanu (PF) during past land grabs and in the June 2008 terror campaign, attempted to invade Warswick Farm last weekend. They were forcibly driven off the farm by some youths hired and loyal to Sekeramayi and party provincial security officer, Lawrence Katsiru. Sekeramayi and Katsiru reportedly fleeced remaining white farmers of huge sums of cash, livestock and farm equipment and vowed to defend interests of the farmers should the need arise. Hence the clashes, said a Zanu (PF) insider.

Warswick Farm shares a border with a Marondera Rural District Council game park at Darmevalle. The Ministry of Wildlife recently deployed 14 armed game rangers at the park to protect wildlife and ward off any potential land invaders.

The source revealed that, since Chigwedere had fallen out with Sekeramayi, Katsiru and other party heavyweights, he realised his governorship hung in the balance and wanted to buy youths support the legislative candidature in the next elections. He was eyeing the Marondera Central seat, a post also sought by Katsiru.

Following the clashes between the two rival camps at Warswick Farm, Chigwedere is alleged to have held an emergency meeting with the youths, led by Taurai Sauti and Garikayi Makambo, at his offices last Monday. He reportedly assured he would do everything within his powers to find land for them.

Last week Chigwedere reportedly supplied the youths with 50 kilos of maize meal and a goat as food rations.

Meanwhile, the disgruntled youths have vowed to campaign against Sekeramayi and Katsiru.

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