Makone fears election bloodbath if no reforms are made

theresa_makoneCo-Home Affairs Minister Theresa Makone (Pictured) foresees a bloodbath if Zimbabwe holds an election next year without implementing any meaningful reforms. Speaking in Part 2 of our Question Time programme Makone said not only would the country have a repeat of the election violence in 2008 but, I see a

Explaining her prediction, the MDC-T minister said; Free and fair elections are possible provided that we implement those things in the GPA that we agreed to which would lead to a peaceful environment and a tolerant environment. She cited the need for reforms in the security sector and the need to build political tolerance.

Makone said it was important for the Zimbabwe Election Commission , Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission and Zimbabwe Media Commission to do the work that they were set up for. All these things she said would contribute to a conducive environment being put into place.

Asked if it had been a mistake for the MDC-T to enter into the coalition government Makone said; It was not a mistake at all because when you read the Amendment Number 19 (the clause in the constitution, adding the GPA) and all its provisions, it had taken into account all the things that were of concern to the people of Zimbabwe. The problem she said was the non implementation of the agreement.

NB: For the full Part 2 of the interview with Theresa Makone tune in to Question Time this Wednesday.

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