Through the barrel of a gun

mugabeRobert Mugabe (Pictured) says he wants elections next year to determine who should rule our country.

He is convinced he will win and continue to lord it over us all as he has done for the past 30 years alone, surrounded by his hand-picked thugs in uniform.

The problem is that he knows he does not have the support of most Zimbabweans. Even his closest advisors know this. That is why they are now trying to prepare themselves for the inevitable when they get trounced at the polls by Morgan Tsvangirai and the MDC.

It is obvious that they have no intention of going away quietly. They will continue to impose themselves upon the peace-loving people of Zimbabwe through the barrel of a gun.

The Zanu (PF) political commissar who moonlights as a policeman, Augustine Chihuri, says: This country came through blood and the barrel of the gun and it can never be re-colonised through a simple pen which costs as little as 5c.

This is Chihuris shorthand for: We will respect the results of the election only if Zanu (PF) wins; if we lose we will impose ourselves on you because we have the guns.

The truth of the matter is that the countrys most senior police officer has committed treason. This is a serious breach of the law. And he is not the only one who has said as much. Didymus Mutasa has said the same thing. So have party heavies and senior government officials Simon Khaya Moyo, John Nkomo and Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The same tune has been sung by senior army officers, such as Brig Gen Douglas Nyikayaramba.

In the light of this, why are we wasting the countrys meagre resources going through the motions of an election when only one outcome will be acceptable to those whose fingers are not only on the trigger, but also have a stranglehold on the state coffers?

Any policeman or soldier obeying orders from these Zanu (PF) zealots to stage a coup detat should know that they are also committing treason. One day they will have to account for their actions. And the response that they were simply obeying orders will not be acceptable.

In the meantime, Chihuri must not continue to don the uniform of a public servant while in the employ of Zanu (PF). He should be removed from office, preferably in leg irons like the treasonous fellow he is, and tried for his crime.

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