Busi Ncube has released a new album

busi_ncubeBusi Ncube has just released a new album "Salulandela" which is now now internationally available! Check this http://www.mamut.net/ethnicmusicclubcom/shop/: Busi has just finished perfoming her gigs around Europe and her last gig was on the 7th of November with the Oslo Wolrd Music. In Norway, where she is

The musicians that participated and were invited by Busi for her Band in Norway, was Peter Mashasha Mujuru and Gary Redding who are both Zimbabweans and are currently based in London. They got the best review from the festival and biggest National paper. Busi is continuing with her work in Norway and will be working from time to time with professional musicians that she has worked with before in the music industry, Adam Chisvo was invited too in Norway for the Mela Festival for the 3rd time in Oslo in August.Couldnt travell this year home to Zim. will be there in January.

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