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chunga_mosesCaps United
Bambo make us proud next year. I hope you will stay with the Green Machine and continue the good work; you resurrected the pride Chitembwe had killed. Farai Manyengavana, Mutare. (Pictured: Moses Chunga)

Kepe Kepe bhora!! Next year we are going to win the championship title without fail. -Brian Mapisa, Sunningdale.


Tadzoka zvekare!!! DeMbare never say die till the end, we are die hard and we will never give up the championship title to Motor Action. We will play in the Champions League as Zimbabwe champions. Godfrey Murandu, Harare.

Hate it or love it, we will always participate in the Champions League and conquer Africa. Dynamos is the national team in Zimbabwe. Donny Garika, Budiriro.

If God hated Dynamos he would not have made the sky blue. We have Gods blessings to play in Africa and we will reach the finals this year. Peter Murova, Marondera.

How on earth did Desmond Maringwa qualify for the soccer stars of the year? I have respect for the player and I know he is one of the most experienced players at Dynamos but honestly speaking what was the criteria used to judge someone who only plays less than 45minutes every match? SWAZ could have invented another price like Loyal player of football or something. Tonde Mabasa, Eastlea.

Guthrie Zhonkinyi played so well this season and he deserved to be part of the best 11 players selected for the soccer stars of the year. Lovejoy Mwainga, Chegutu.

Young Warriors

There is a lot of talent in our junior national team. The problem is that ZIFA does not keep records of our players so that they play in the seniors in future. We need to develop our game at junior level and know that the future is covered. Kenny, Bulawayo.

Motor Action

Mighty Bulls dont be frightened by mere boys in blue; you can bulldoze them and win the league this year. You have come a long way this season and you deserve the championship title. Jeff Matongo, Kwekwe.

Motor Action please make Eric Rosen proud, after all these years supporting football he needs to be awarded by winning the championship title. Darlington Zvenyika, Borrowdale.

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